Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Lost for words

I dont usually write stuff related to events in my own life here.. Not judgemental about it, but somehow not yet comfortable putting up slices of my own life on the net. but there is something that happened today, which I would like to wrote about.

I visited today one of my very dear friends who has had a baby girl. Ofcourse babies are born everyday, the majority of them looking very much like each other, and may I say, fairly like little monkeys. Still when I saw that little one, with her ten perfect little fingers, and her ten perfect little toes, the big toe shorter than the next one just like her mothers, how tender a moment.

She is called Anushka which I always thought was a Russian name, but turns out that it has a meaning in Sanskrit as well, "one who has no enemies".

Her mother, my friend...How roles change so quickly...Her mother asked me to pen a note in Anushka's little book. I consider myself something of a writer, and yet, I could not really think of anything to say.

How could I say how happy I was for her, for her child and happy for myself to be part of this wonderful time. I ended up just writing some regular cliched stuff about wishing the child all happiness!


TC said...

Thanks for sharing your feelings and your experiences. That makes you seem more real. Babies inspire those feelings in everyone, even though sometimes they look like aliens. We all marvel at the miracle of new life. Give my best wishes to the new mom and tiny Anushka.

artnavy said...

Sometimes one feel rather useless and low in spirits. Suddenly the whole perspective changes. Well,I felt this happened to me just a few days ago when I became a new grandma. Anushka has brought new meaning to my life. Thank you Aparna for being such a dear friend of my baby who now has her own. God bless you and your ilk.