Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Da Vinci Code, Not again!

Well, Da Vinci code again? The reason being that apparently, the book has actually increased visitor numbers to the Rosalyn Chapel, as mentioned here, though no numbers are given. Readers of the Da Vinci Code will recall the Rosalyn Chapel where one of the final clues is hidden. I am no great fan of the Da Vinci Code. And not because I am one of those who looks down on 'popular fiction'. I enjoy my Jeffrey Archers and John Grishams. Dan Brown on the other hand is just a poor writer.

Fast paced as it is, some of the characters are faintly ridiculous – I though Leigh Teabing was so transparent as to make any mystery writer turn in his or her grave. Add in a fairly juvenile kind of romance on the sidelines and a climax worthy of a Bollywood potboiler. I mean, the heroine recognizes her brother because he has the other half of the box? C’mon! When our Hindi movie heroes and heroines do the same thing, recognizing the sibling long-lost in a mela years ago, we call them ridiculous, but by and large, most people I know seem to have swallowed the same in this book!

Ofcourse poorly written books are many, but what is amazing is that by bring a fairly esoteric subject and putting it down in an easy-to-read manner, Dan Brown seems to have convinced many readers that he is giving them something new, and infact scholarly.


alchemist said...

hey apu,
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just got inspired by ur blog and created one of my own ... and put up a post as well... am struggling to put pictures along with it... have uploaded them three times but they just do not show up...

kay said...

Oh glee! Finally one author I can comment on.

You see Mr.Brown gets these brainwaves. Mr.Brown wakes up screaming with joy for brilliant idea. Then Mr.Brown sits with his pc/typewriter/pen and fingers/toes and quill... either ways, it's here that everything falls apart. He writes story books. For chottu people.

But since he does deliver the cheapest of cheap thrills, I read him and bitch later. Mebbe he'd be better off selling his brainwaves to somebody who can write.

Long comment no? From next time, I will just copypaste jokes from cheap websites.

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