Thursday, May 18, 2006

Down with the Da Vinci Code

Its interesting to note that the Indian government is considering pandering to the demands of religious groups, and banning the Da Vinci Code movie. Now, while Tom Hanks tops my list of favorite actors, I still have to be fair and admit that the movie probably sucks, based on my reading of the book. But the ban is ridiculous! The logic behind the move is something like this (Imaginary conversation follows between Religion Upholder and Me):

RU : I don't like this movie. It insults my God.

Me : But you haven't even seen it yet....

RU : All the same, it insults my God, I don't like it. I didn't like that book either.

Me : Oh, if thats whats getting you - honestly, I didn't like it either! What a dumb book - I mean, long-lost bhai-behen recognise each other through two halves of a dabba...Tell me about Bollywood ishtyle endings...And what about that..

RU : I don't know about all that, I haven't read it. But I didn't like it. It insults my God.

Me : In that case, why dont you, ahem, not watch the movie either?

RU : Grrr, you don't get it. Who reads books? But movies are seen by everyone, young children, old people, the super-religious upholders - they will all forget their religion once they see this, WHY DONT YOU GET THAT!

ME : In that case, they don't need to see it, do they. I am not offering you a free ticket, see.

RU : No, no, no. It insults my God. I won't allow it. You atheists and immoral people, I won't allow you to see it other.

ME : Duh, I am already atheist and immoral, what harm in allowing me to see it. Surely I can't be corrupted any more... Please allow us to see it, please, please, pretty please....

At this point, Mr. Government Man steps in and announces that we were in danger of escalating into a communal riot, by offending religious sentiments. The movie is banned. RU celeberates, offering up on the altar the sacrifice of another movie (Insert : Book/Play/Song/Toy/Food/Anything) and waits for his rewards in heaven.


How do we know said...

:-)) too cool! yep.. i agree with u.. banning is REALLY INSECURE!

Madhu said...


I have a similar opinion on the ban. If someone doesnt want to see it, that's their wish but they have no right to decide what I watch.

The book/movie is a work of fiction, if u get that then no religious sentiments will be hurt.

Srihari said...

I agree banning would have been an extreme reaction. I say "would have been" because at the time I write this comment, the government has decided to go ahead with the screening. I can understand the MIB treading a careful path on this, after all religion is an extremely touchy topic in a land as diverse as India. Wasn't "The Satanic Verses" banned in India? Let's face it: if someone had made a movie in the US insulting Hindu gods, people like the Shiv Sena would have been up in arms. Would the MIB ban that movie? You bet.

apu said...

sri, this kind of treading carefully can go on endlessly... The issue is not which religion it is - the point is, people can take offence at anything. Imagine a big wall mural depicting some god in an offensive manner - I can still imagine that causing offence, because people cant say, let me not walk down that street. But in the case of a movie, there is always an option not to see. And that would be the most effective ban...Anyways, its good finally they decided not to go ahead with the ban

markiv said...

hmmm.... totally disagree.. tht movie hurts someones religious senti- BAN... some clothes r offensive to a certain sect- BAN... guys n gals shldn talk nemore- BAN... it goes in line wit preservin the culture n communal unity... the movie IS anti cristian n so it goes... who cares if it was made in a christian nation, wit a christian cast n crew... who cares if the pope probably did a lil guest appearence...


Snottgoblin said...

Not that it makes any difference in relation to the protests, but .., Dan Brown has not formally accepted the book to be fiction in any of his interviews.

From that perspective this is different from the satanic verses .. being an atheist myself, it all seems pointless now.. but a few years ago .. my reaction to any such distortion of hinduism might have been similar..

The voices of the mobs will always be heard .. and if they are loud enough their 'will' will prevail ..

At the end of the day the rss.. muslim .. Christian.. organizations are all mobs that will stop at nothing to defend their blind faith and force others to comply with their ideals.. it all boils down to the survival of the fittest .. and wolves survive by hunting in packs

DesiGirl said...

Hmm saw the movie - no great shakes really. I am a big time fan of Hanks too but he seemed really wooden in this movie. Gimme an old fashion desi movie with babes and blokes running about the countryside, singing fundu songs anyday!!

But agree with you Apu - the ban is a stupid move. In fact, it piques folks' curiosity to an extent that they now are desperate to watch the movie somehow or the other. That sort of defeats the whole purpose behind the ban, methinks.

hey gracias for linking my blog to yours. shall return the favour soon. :)

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