Sunday, November 06, 2005

Citizen Girl...

...Sucks! And sucks how...Bigtime! If you thought the Nanny Diaries were a great read (and I did) and therefore one could expect something smart and funny from the same authors, Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus, sadly, you will realise that you are mistake before you get through even ten pages of this book.

The book is a disaster, and thats a kind word. I mean, how did they ever let it get published? There isn't really a plot, so to speak of, if you don't count hysterical yelling and constant irritating self analysis as a plot, that is. The characters are boring, with the lead character, an extremely self righteous young woman who is a jholawala-let-loose-in the-corporate-world stereotype being the boring-est of them all. Add in a newly acquired boyfriend who seems to be suffering from borderline intelligence (apart from his job where he designs games) and bosses who are either control freak or Do your own thing but you get all the flak type, and you can understand how the entire novel is more or less a stereotype thing. Yeah, obviously, thats not a good thing, I mean, not a whole book full of them. (The stereotypes, I mean).

Before I forget, there is also a mom who sounds like Dharma or her mom. (Remember Dharma and Greg?) You know, the non-conformist, hippie, bead-loving stereotype. Yup, they have them all, don't worry.

Nett nett, stay away unless someone is begging to pass it on to you free. (And even then, think twice!)

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