Saturday, October 22, 2005

Why I wish I was at MIT

Ok, this post has nothing to do with me really. It is actually a Murakami update.
Haruki Murakami was at MIT recently as part of their writers series talks, and the lossless blog has a nice write-up on his talk there, including videos of the event.
The write up says, "Wearing a sweet green t-shirt that proclaimed "PICKLE", Murakami began by telling a few stories to the delight of the crowd. He then read a little bit of the short story Super-Frog Saves Tokyo in both Japanese and English, before letting a host from MIT (a literature professor?) finish reading the story. Murakami reappeared to answer questions from the audience."
Oh, oh, oh, I love that story, Super Frog saves Tokyo.
* Gnashes teeth enviously thinking of audience who managed to be there and resolves to make up for feelings of self-pity by buying oneself another Murakami as soon as pay cheque arrives, perhaps, the Sputnik Sweetheart which one has already read but not yet purchased?


Aran said...

I love such madness about an author and totally endorse it. Feed the madness, yes!

apu said...

Oh yes, oh yes!