Tuesday, October 18, 2005


* The restaurent at the end of the Universe, is where every gourmet fantasy comes true. Specks of basil lie over a half-eaten bowl of fettucine, the momentary grace of aroma fading swiftly. The remnants of greens rest in the salad bowl, leeks, beans and spinach, all limp now. A fine jug of water, transparent as its contents, stands on the table, spout curving away from the sides like a pregnant woman’s full belly in profile. Potent is the chocolate mousse, placid in its little porcelain cup, creamy skin untouched, waiting to be scooped. In the moment between meal and dessert, lies the contented rumbling of the stomach, digestive juices working, clearing the ground inside.

Outside waits a solitary boy, hopping on to the junction plane, where lunch ends and leftovers begin.

* All copyright and apologies to the late Douglas Adams


Sukanya M said...

What a coincidence. I came upon your blog from the comments you made on Deepa's (teashoponthemoon) blog where incidentally, I had asked her if her name was inspired by restaurant at the end of the universe (it wasnt)!! And I find your comments there and come to your blog and hey presto: you are blogging about that very restaurant at the end of the universe!

apu said...

small world:) Welcome though!

Baraka said...