Saturday, September 03, 2005

Thoughts at random...

- I like this word Truculent. It just has a nice sound to it. It should be the opposite of Succulent, though it isn’t.

- An Omnibus is a massive carrier of words that doesn’t go anywhere since its too heavy to be lifted off the shelf.

- You can drown your sorrows in a drink. It that why your pocket tends to be considerably lighter after a hangover?

- They call Sunday the week - end when all the fun is just beginning.

- Loggers log, Sloggers slog and Bloggers blog. Sometimes, the English language tends to go by a few rules.


alchemist said...

yeah actually can't think of and oggers that don't og
joggers jog
floggers flog
daggers don't dag
nor do stags stagger

alchemist said...

and if it were the opposite then it wud probably have had a cc in it. btw nice sound to a 'deadly' word..

Anonymous said...

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