Tuesday, August 30, 2005


One of my earliest poems...Dont write poetry anymore these days though....This one I think uses a bit of cliche, but passable for a 16 year old I suppose :-)

Here lie two torn tickets for a concert
Where, listening to Tchaikovsky and Schubert,
I wanted to withdraw my love for you
And do it, oh-so-politely too.
I watched you, seemingly rapt,
Listening to the sad music – so apt
To this occasion; To be unkind
Was farthest from my mind.
I wanted to make it easy
For you – Just a final breezy
Goodbye. Felt the heavens drop on my head
When outside the theatre you just said,
“I don’t think we should meet again.”
I stood still in the pouring rain


alchemist said...

so... someone is trying to show off...
well now that i have my issue all wrapped up...i am kind of breathing again... have a three hour drive coming up in about an hour and hopefully 24 hours of non stop sleep - but it never happens... i can never switch off/disconnect all my phones... so the likely scenario is that i will get back to my place at about 4 in the morning (after eight days away) and then get woken up at 9 ...

alchemist said...

so why do u not write poetry in life any more these days? is life too stable? the emotional highs and lows are missing... that when u make the best poetry... isn't that so? or a muse is missing? do u need a muse?

kay said...

Such feelings, apu.. for a sixteen yr old that too.

You've gotten yourself a longwinded admirer, I see... heh..

apu said...

kay, dont psyche me :-)

Seriously, I think my feelings were prob far more intense when I was 16...Or maybe growing older just makes you more inclined to kind of take everything with a "this too will pass" attitude which i guess doesnt make for very good poetry anymore...

Aran said...

That was actually pretty good for a sixteen year old!

DesiGirl said...

hmmmm what happened when you were 16 to make you write such stuff? *thinks*

Sparsh said...

Perfect timing is what I would call it...or may be, frequencies perfectly in sync?!