Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Old Friends

I am no wine-snob (Or oenophile, I hear, they are called), who raves about the wine from 1872 that is the best ever. But some old things just get better and better with age. Like some books that I go back to after years and still find them as relevant, or more, to me. Some of these....

- The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy
- The Handmaids Tale (Margaret Atwood)
- Heidi
- Sophie's Choice (William Styron)
- The Little Prince
- To kill a mockingbird
- All the Calvin & Hobbes series

Where I laughed before, I laugh harder now; And where I cried, well.. I always cry at the sad bits, so never mind!


Aran said...

Ok, I know 4 of those. 4 out of 7 is not bad. And here after reading your posts, I was thinking I don't read.

kay said...

OMG!! Dear dahling aran, I was gonna comment the EXACT SAME THING yday!! You beat me to it, owing to net difficulties! :D

Therefore, apu, consider the same thing said.

Also, "this too shall pass" makes for a good way of living. Poetry loss can be endured then, no apu?

I have decided that I like calling you apu over and over and over again... Apu all over the place.

apu said...

Ha ha...but you guys didnt say which were your favourite re-reads?

alchemist said...

CROSS POSTED ON kay's blog
"this too shall pass" phrase ... its something i use all the time... for someone or the other... or for telling myself. it gives me tat final push to get out of something as i help it pass because i know its gonna pass in any case.
i came across this phrase in a julia roberts movie... and though i have used the philosophy beind the phrase ... as echoed by the famous abba song - chiquitita - for innumerable years, the phrase has stuck on ... and used... some of these slushy but enjoyable romantic movies do have gems hidden in them somewhere... does someone know which movie that was? and anyone picked up any other such phrases from movies? and by the way someone was telling me that the script of desperate housewives is quite intelligent - has anyone seen that?

Aran said...

Out of your list, I absolutely love C&H. And others that I remember now are Illusions, One, and Bridget Jones I and II. By the way, I just went and bought a Murakami. :)

Anonymous said...

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