Tuesday, August 02, 2005

How do you like your bookshops done?

I dropped in at Odyssey today, a bookshop in Chennai, where I live. Walked in to a colorful reception from Harry, Harry on the front window display, Harry peeping from all the aisles, Harry at the billing counter. Harry Who? You know, The Harry Potter. Now dont get me wrong. I am no intellectual snob (slob?) who refuses to get her IQ sullied by Harry Potter and whatsitsname, yeah, that Da Vinci thingy. I confess to reading both, the first avidly and dying to know the ending, and the second, not-so-avidly and still dying to know the ending.
The point being, however, that surely a bookshop should stock other books as well? Turns out they were all very much there, sitting quietly behind their little jackets and artistic blurbs while Harry hogged the limelight. An interesting new release that I managed to notice though. Amartya Sen's 'The Argumentative Indian'. Hope I can get a copy from my library.


Anonymous said...

hmmm, is it that u r from chennai?

chikuado said...

:-) i read both those books out of sheer curiosity over the big hulabaloo..

but i admire JKR's writing from a child author perspective.. in today's hi-fi, sci-fi world, it's amazing that she got so many people hooked to the book... sometimes u need real talent to challenge the idiot box.. and sometimes, it's really worth it :-)

Anonymous said...

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